Frieze Carpet Prices

There’s a lot of recent positive publicity for frieze carpet in the carpet world, and all of this hype leads many people asking, “How much does frieze carpet cost?” Frieze is a style of carpet, and like all other styles, it only makes up a portion of how much a carpet costs. Many other factors come into play. With this said, if frieze carpet is on your radar, read on and I’ll give you a breakdown of average prices and the factors that affect what you’ll pay.

Why you might care

If you’re on a budget, I don’t have to tell you why knowing what prices to expect matters. But does this article matter if you more or less have an unlimited budget? It does. Even people who have money to spare don’t like getting ripped off. This is why it helps to have an average price in mind when you go carpet shopping. More importantly, it helps to know why this price can vary. In other words, if you find a frieze carpet that’s cost is a couple dollars lower or higher than average, it helps to know why.

Price breakdown

Here I’m going to give you an average expect price for frieze. You’ll find that the material that the carpet is constructed of is one of the biggest difference makers in price. For this reason, I’ll break down typical frieze prices by some of the most popular fibers used:

Nylon frieze carpet price: $5.00 sq/ft
Smartstrand frieze carpet price: $4.00 sq/ft
PET Polyester frieze carpet price: $2.00 sq/ft

What else affects the carpet cost?

Face weight: This is a big one. Face weight is basically a measurement of how much material is used to construct the carpet. You can see why the more material they use the more a carpet will cost. Why else should you care about face weight? It’s one of the better indicators of durability. The more carpet fibers you have, the stronger they are going to be. Sometimes face weight can be misleading. Density is a similar but better measurement.

Twist level The number of twists per inch of carpet fiber impacts the durability and the price as well. This isn’t as big of a deal with frieze carpets because all frieze carpets have a high twist level. This is one of their major benefits.

Other factors in the total cost

Padding prices vary greatly (can be more than a 10x difference) based on the type you choose and the current promotion. Sometimes it will even be “free” with a carpet purchase, but beware that sometimes you may get poor quality padding (and padding is critical to how your carpet performs) or the carpet price may be artificially inflated. With all of this said, you probably want to budget about $0.50sq/ft for padding.

Installation rates will vary by city and promotion as well, but again, budgeting around $0.50sq/ft should be reasonable.

Room for error is extra carpet you will have to order, so the installer has enough carpet to make the installation look seamless—not a “patchwork” job. Expect to add 10-15% to the square footage of your home. In other words, if you’re carpeting 500 square feet, you’ll need to buy at least 550 square feet of carpet.

Customer service, warranties, and other “intangibles” are things that may not directly affect your carpet but have an effect on price. In example, you may pay more at a store that is very friendly and helps you with any problems you have with your carpet compared to a cheaper store that you can never get ahold of once you’ve swiped your credit card.

That’s all you need to know on frieze pricing

You now have a good idea of what to expect when you walk into a store shopping for frieze carpet. The price breakdowns are a good starting pointing, so when you find frieze carpet that costs more or less, try to figure out why. This pricing knowledge should give you an advantage when talking to salespeople and coming up with a final price for all of your carpeting needs.