Mohawk Frieze Carpet

What is Mohawk frieze carpet? It’s one of the up and coming carpet styles manufactured by one of the biggest flooring companies in the industry. The better question is do you want this carpet? And what is it?

Let’s first get on the same page. I’ll discuss who is Mohawk, and what is frieze carpet. Then we’ll dive into some of the important details.

Who is Mohawk, and do I want their carpet?

Mohawk is one of the major players in the carpet and flooring industry. They manufacture carpets. This means the fiber or “yarn” they use is unique to them. Not only that, but they have many different lines of carpet fibers, each has unique performance characteristics. We’ll go into more details on that later.

For now, you should know that Mohawk does make many high quality carpets, but this does not guarantee any carpet you get with the Mohawk name will be high quality. Many factors come into play with carpet quality from the face weight to the padding used under it. You also likely pay a premium for the Mohawk name, just like you would any other brand name.

What is frieze? Is it unique to Mohawk?

Frieze is a style of carpet. You can think of carpet styles as how the carpet fibers are twisted or braided. This affects the appearance and performance of the carpet. You can read more about frieze affects carpet performance on our pros and cons page.

Frieze carpet is NOT unique to Mohawk. Mohawk does manufacture frieze carpets, but so do many other big brands and generic brands.

Different lines of carpet fibers by Mohawk

Mohawk’s lines of carpet include: SmartStrand, Wear-Dated, EverStrand. We’ll give you a simplified summary of the major lines. Keep in mind, that Mohawk may change the lines and add to these lines, so the most accurate and up-to-date information can be found on Mohawk’s website. But like any company website, the information they share with you has the goal of selling their carpet.

Here’s a summary of 3 of the big sub-brands or lines of carpet within Mohawk:

EverStrand: This is Mohawk’s line of a PET polyester carpet. I’m not a huge fan of PET polyester because it’s usually not as durable as other carpet fibers. It does have the advantage of being made of partially recycled materials.

Smartstrand: This is a unique version of polyester unique to Mohawk. It’s marketed to have better durability and stain protection than typical polyester carpets. It seems to live up to the hype in that regard, but the verdict is still out if it’s as durable as nylon. Some say it is, some say it isn’t.

Wear-Dated: This line is typically Mohawk’s nylon line of carpets (now they have at least one exception with their Wear-Dated allure using polyester). These carpets generally attempt to separate from the other competition of nylons by offering extended warranties and quality stain protection.

So what’s the final verdict on Mohawk Frieze Carpet?

If you like frieze, there are many different manufactures (including generic) you can choose from, and Mohawk is a manufacturer worth considering. Many Mohawk carpets offer quality carpet fibers with good stain protection. But beware that just because it’s Mohawk, doesn’t guarantee that it will be high quality. Mohawk has different qualities within the different lines of carpet, and other factors come into play with carpet quality. Also, you will likely pay more for the brand name just like everything else in life.