Nylon Frieze: things you should know

Most frieze carpets you’ll find are made of nylon. Generally, this is a good thing because nylon is one of the better fibers used in carpet manufacturing. With that said, the carpet material probably has a bigger impact on your carpets performance than any other feature, so it helps to know what you’re getting with nylon frieze. In this article, I’ll break down the highs and the lows of nylon frieze carpet.

Different types of nylon

The first thing to know is not all nylon is created equal. You will find branded nylons and generic or unbranded nylons. Is there a difference? There can be. On average, branded nylons will have better stain protection and possibly a slightly better durability than generic nylons. However, this is just on average, so there are generic nylons that will have just as good or better stain resistance and durability than a comparable branded nylon.

Another thing to watch for is type 6 vs. type 6,6 nylon, especially if you’re getting generic. Without going into boring details, type 6,6 is supposed to be a more durable form of nylon. How much more durable is debatable, but if you have a choice between the two, go with type 6,6.

Good stain resistance

In most cases, nylon friezes will have good stain resistance. Nylons stain resistance varies by its stain protective coating. All branded nylon should have a good stain protection coating, and many of the generic nylons will. If you’re buying a generic, be sure to ask about the stain protection it has.

Keep in in mind, good stain resistance doesn’t mean it can’t stain. It means if you spill something it gives you more time to clean it up before it does stain, and some liquid, especially read liquid, may stain anyway. Either way, pay attention to the type of stain coating you’re receiving with your frieze carpet because everyone spills every now and then.

Very good resilience

Nylon’s popularity is probably due to its resilience. Compared to olefin and polyester, nylon is more durable. It rebounds from being walked on more easily. It doesn’t fray very easily. It also doesn’t melt like some carpets when furniture is moved across it. These are all good features to have if you want a carpet that lasts, and it also compliments frieze style which has a high twist rat which should also help with durability

Moderately priced

Nylon is priced fairly. What I mean by this is that it is more expensive than some of the less durable carpets, but it is more expensive within reason. It’s not nearly as expensive as hardwood and is also cheaper than an all-natural wool carpet, which bring is to our last point:

Man-made material

Nylon is man-made. This doesn’t have big implications on the performance of the carpet, but it does mean that it has an impact on our environment. It takes machines to create the nylon carpet, and when your carpet is inevitably ready for to be replaced, the materials aren’t biodegradable. There are things you can do to dispose of your nylon carpet in a greener manner, but if you really want to be green, you might check out a wool carpet.

Conclusions on nylon frieze

Nylon and frieze are good compliments because both generally indicate a quality carpet. Part of me gets a little nervous typing that last sentence because I don’t want you to assume that by purchasing a nylon frieze, you are guaranteed a long-lasting carpet you’ll love. It helps your odds, but there are still other factors that come into play (one example is the carpet density). With this in mind, nylon frieze is a good carpet to buy if you want a new style, and a green material isn’t on the top of your priority list.